Welcome to the ViRaSIM Lab

Virtual Reality, Simulation, Imaging and Modeling (ViRaSIM) Lab vision is to create, develop and utilize technology to assure and improve the quality of human life. ViRaSIM mission is to solve research problems and coming up with the seamless and effective solutions to realize this vision.

The ViRaSIM Lab research focuses include but not limited to the solutions to the problems that are associated to virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality based surgical simulation design and development for medical practitioners ranging from medical students to surgeons in practice. The goal is to provide risk-free and low cost, highly realistic, 3D virtual environment which can be used for practicing, teaching and assessment for various surgical techniques. In addition to development of state-of-art surgical simulation, ViRaSIM Lab aims at developing advanced technology to help medical practitioners by assisting them in medical practice such as disease diagnosis.

In general, ViRaSIM lab concentrates on research problems on real-time rendering and physics simulation, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), virtual Multimodal Interactive Simulation (MIS) environment design and development that includes haptic interaction, visualization, parallel computing for real-time and time critical applications, performance and resource optimization of MIS applications for both medical and non-medical related application domains.
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