Welcome to the Data Analytics Lab!

The Data Analytics Lab (DAL) provides the data analytics and processing infrastructure for scientific researchers both inside and outside of the Computer Science Department at the University of Central Arkansas.

Nowadays, organizations collect an ever increasing amount of data. Data flood stimulates us to study innovative strategies for storing, processing, and analyzing these datasets. The aim of the DAL is to apply these strategies to develop intelligent systems for solving real world problems.

Besides innovative research, the DAL also supports teaching and collaborations with communities. It creates a friendly learning environment for our graduate and undergraduate students, exchange students, and even middle/high school students. Students are supervised by domain experts to learn the start-of-art techniques and the frontier research topics, and to conduct research in the related areas of data analytics. In addition, the DAL also provides consulting service for local companies.

The DAL is initially supported by the National Science Foundation grants NSF/CISE/IIS1115417.